Applications are now open for POSH Art and Design Fair, 6-8 December 2019. POSH are excited to again bring the finest Artists, Designers, Makers and Foodies to the Port for a 3 day celebration of creativity.

*Please take the time to read the following information before submitting your application.*

This document outlines the basic conditions and expectations POSH has of you as a vendor, and provides you the information on which to base your application. POSH works to provide accurate information, the nature of regulation means details below are subject to change during the planning. In the event of change, POSH will do their best to keep you informed of any such changes to the conditions and costs.

EVENT DATES: 6-8 December 2019 (inclusive)

LOCATION: Hart's Mill Precinct, Mundy Street, Port Adelaide

Trading Hours

Friday 6th 5pm-9pm (VIP preview 5pm-6pm, general public from 6pm) TBC

Saturday 7th 10am – 4pm

Sunday 8th 10am – 4pm

Key Dates

Applications open 21st June

Applications close 7th August

Bump in Friday 6th Dec 9am-2pm (ready for VIP launch at 6pm)

Bump out Sunday 8th 4.30pm-9pm

Food trucks can take their truck home at the end of each day, as long as it is pracctical and safe to do so.

Selection Criteria

POSH aim to attract a diverse range of Food Vendors to this years POSH Art and Design Fair. Selection will be made based on the following;

• A complete application

• The quality of the product/s

Site Infrastructure

The food area will be in Mundy Street, out the front of Hart's Mill. This section of road will be closed off for the duration of the fair. There will be no power supplied so all vendors must be self sufficient.

*POSH makes no promise or guarantee of a site's position. Vendor applications are accepted on the understanding that the Vendors agrees that their site is at the sole discretion of the Site Coordinator and POSH. Vendors must provide access to their site to the Site Coordinator, POSH staff, security or other relevant regulatory bodies whenever required to ensure compliance with all relevant codes, guidelines or laws. Failure to meet guidelines set by relevant authorities may result in the vendor being closed down until such time as the breach is remedied. Vendors will remain liable for full site fees during any period of closure.*

Site Presentation

POSH is a quality Art and Design Fair, and as such, vendor need to take direction from the Site Coordinator to ensure their sites are well presented at all times. This includes any persons working at the site, the products themselves and both front and back of house. POSH retains the right to insist any vendor properly maintains their site.

All signage including pricing should be professional presented. No handwritten signs are to be used unless discussed with POSH prior to event.


Failure by the vendor to comply with these rules may result in POSH taking direct action which may include repair, remediation, rubbish removal or requiring the site to shut down. The costs incurred through any of these actions will be charged to the vendor.

Parking/ Deliveries and Stall Holder Access

A map of parking and bump in/out areas will be provided closer to the event. Vehicle access for bump in/out will be restricted to traffic on roadways and not on footpaths, vehicles found to have strayed onto the footpath may incur a financial penalty. Deliveries to the site are restricted to times when the site is closed to the public.


Power will not be supplied for food vendors at this event. Only leads, power boards and electric appliances with current test tags in accordance with AS/NZS_3760:2010 may be used. Electrical appliances and leads that do not have current test tags, or that are deemed to be in breach of the safety standard will be asked to be removed from the site.

Waste and Recycling

The vendors site fee covers reasonable waste disposal and standard cleaning. Vendors are asked (where possible) to use compostable packaging. POSH will supply the vendor with access to bins for waste.

Please note any additional cleaning such as removal of candle wax or essential oils from the site will be charged at cost + 15% to the vendor.


In compliance with WHS guidelines, SafeWorkSA no longer allows vendors to use domestic gas bottles in undercover areas. Vendors will be required to comply with SafeWorkSA guidelines.

Policy and Procedures

POSH has risk management procedures in relation to its operations. Whilst operating at POSH, vendors are required to adhere to the procedures and policies and maintain their own WH&S policies to ensure safety of their workers and the public. The vendors and their staff will be required to attend an on-site induction with POSH staff prior to bump in. This is to ensure you and your staff follow all safety guidelines and best-practice. At this time you will also receive your vendor information pack containing the weekends program and other event information. High Vis vests must be worn at all times during bump in and bump out.

Permits Food Vendors will be required to comply with all relevant food handling codes, licencing and permits. You will also need to provide POSH with your Food Business Number (FBN) or equivalent council food permit information.


POSH Arts and Design Fair is a Smoke Free event. POSH requests you smoke in the designated smoking areas outside the event and to be conscious of patrons who don’t chose to smoke entering the event. Please dispose of butts thoughtfully. Smoke free areas include the entirety of the designated Fair area.


Vendors must carry a minimum of AUD$20 million public liability insurance. If selling food items the policy must specifically cover the operation of an outdoor temporary food business, with the correct dates of trade and the location of the site. The vendor is required to provide a copy of their policy to complete their application. Please note; if you currently don't have AUD$20 Million public liability insurance, you can still submit an application. You will be required to obtain this insurance and provide evidence by Friday 8th November.


Security will be present during the POSH Art and Design Fair. All due care will be taken to ensure the safety of all areas of the site, however, POSH and the Site Coordinator, take no responsibility for any goods or property brought onto or left on site by the vendor.



Vendor cancellation after Monday 17th September will result in the forfeiting of 50% of invoice. Cancellation after Monday 30th September will result in the vendor being liable for the full invoice.

Disclaimer: All who participate in POSH Art and Design Fair do so at their own risk. POSH, its employees, the Site Coordinator, and all staff connected with POSH do not accept responsibility for any injury, damage or theft to any person, property or stock arising by reason of attendance or participation at POSH Art and Design Fair. POSH does not warrant or guarantee the number of public attendances at the market nor assure vendors of any particular level of patronage, promotion or turnover. The vendor must agree to indemnify and keep indemnified POSH, its employees and the Site Coordinator, against any claims or charges arising out of any actions or omissions of the site holder in the performance of the provisions of their vendor agreement.

Site Fees

Food truck site $395 + GST

Waste fee included in site fee

Specialist cleaning Cost + 15%

*Please note there is a limited number of wall only, double and corner sites available. You will be offered a single site if we are unable to accommodate your request.*

December 2019 Foodie Application Information