Introducing.... Kindred Self

Kindred Self is a unique blend of personal counselling, mindfulness and aromatherapy to encourage you to slow down, reconnect and be kind to yourself. Each product is hand crafted in Port Adelaide by Kyrie Kohlhagen using natural and authentic ingredients.

POSH chat to Kyrie Kohlhagen about her business; Kindred Self.

P: How long have you been doing what you're doing?

K: 3 years

P: What inspires you to create?

K: My customers – I receive so much support and positive feedback from the community, which is so encouraging to me. This feeds my creative fire.

What would we see on your Christmas list?

Christmas is at our home this year so I would absolutely love it to be fully catered for with lots of healthy yummy food, brought to the house with a team to serve and do the dishes! Dreamy!

And finally... a couple of multiple choice questions-

P: If you were a crap Chrissy pressie which would you be?

* Undies * Socks * Gift Card * A lump of coal

* Other

** And why?

K: Gift Card – so many possibilities, not so crap after all!!

P: If you were a summer BBQ item which would you be?

* Snags * Regular Potato Salad * Fancy Pants Quinoa Salad * Beer * Other

** And why?

K: Fancy Pants Quinoa Salad – love anything fancy pants 

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